673 King Street St Peters NSW 2044
Phone 02 9519 6756

From the time of arrival you will be immersed in a world of style and elegance.

Wives only operates from two inter connected terrace buildings in St Peters.  Our full service venue is elegantly refurbished to provide you the best relaxing atmosphere. At Wives Only we aim to make you feel not just better but great. Wives only will provide you the best brothel experience!

We have a discreet entry on King Street where number 673 is clearly displayed, you just pass the open iron gate and close it behind you and you will be invisible from the street and passing by cars. Please ring the intercom on the left hand wall and our receptionist will attend you very soon. 

Similarly you can use our discreet back entry on May Lane, our green coloured colorbond gate is usually open so you can just drive and park your car in. If the green colour gate is closed then please ring the intercom on the right hand side of the gate. Again number 673 is clearly displayed on the right hand wall. 

Upon entry you will be warmly greeted by one of our friendly and professional reception staff, and escorted to a private introduction room where you will have the opportunity to individually meet an array of beautiful hand-picked professionally trained sexy ladies whose aim is to make you feel great. In your way to your waiting room you may enjoy our erotic selection of paintings hanging on the corridors. During the entry and introduction we will take the most care to make sure you do not see any other patrons. So your privacy is always assured. 

Select from our range of fully appointed suites. All rooms have en-suites. You may choose to enjoy a deliciously sexy king size room with one or more ladies. Before or after the intercourse you may spoil yourself with our sexy courtesans in a refreshing spa.

All rooms are air conditioned to keep you at the ideal temperature. You can enjoy free refreshments and listen to the pleasant music. Wives Only body wash selection is a fully biodegradable, soap free natural product with gentle perfume and restores your skin's natural Ph degree. Unlike many of our competitors who use industrial body washes to keep their costs down, we use the best body wash products available in Australia.  All these aimed to make your time with us more enjoyable. 

We take every effort to keep the premises clean at all times and make it enjoyable for your comfort! We take every effort to keep the premises clean at all times and make it enjoyable for your comfort! We employ professional cleaners on our super luxurious Sydney brothel in Newtown. Each room is concisely cleaned after each job. Rooms, waiting rooms, all bathrooms corridors and basically every spot is cleaned daily. So your safety and comfort is always maintained. If you want to learn more about Wives Only, arguably the best brothel Sydney could offer give us a call on 02 9519 6756

The first class rooms, great selection of sexy girls and five star comfort and service in the best brothel of Sydney
King size bed for a king size experience. This is our Captain Cook room. We are the pioneers of ultimate pleasure in adult entertainment like the great captain himself. Immerse yourself in Wives Only brothel Sydney.
Entry of Wives Only brothel at 673 King street St Peters NSW 2044. Wives Only is the best brothel as endorsed by gentlemen of Sydney. We also have a back entry and car park facility at May Lane
The back entry shot from May Lane, where you can discreetly park your car and walk into Wives Only brothel. Call us for parking assistance on 02 9519 6756.
The look in to Wives Only brothel from 673 King Street St Peters. Please remember to ring the buzzer located on the left hand side of the entry after the iron gate.
Back door looking into St Peters train station direction from May Lane. Train station only a minute of walk from Wives Only brothel in St Peters. Please ring the intercom the access entry in to best brothel in Sydney
One of the waiting rooms, where your privacy is paramount in Wives Only brothel, the most comfortable brothel in Sydney.
A view of the main waiting room. your comfort and privacy is always very important to us. Here you will meet the sexy ladies who are willing to have great sex with you
This is the stairway to heaven. Where you will be lading to luxurious brothel rooms where rooms are more luxurious than many 5 star Sydney hotels.
There are large selection of sexy girls as well as large number of rooms to choose from in this large facility brothel Wives Only in inner Sydney
Our lovely receptionist will make sure your privacy and comfort is maintained at all times when you are at Wives Only brothel, the best brothel in Sydney.
Amenities area for our super sexy Sydney bordello. Sex workers area at Wives Only brothel. It is spacious and functional
Queen Victoria Room: with all the elegance and amenities expected from a top of the line classy brothel. Bedroom name is rightfully deserved. This is one of many elegant rooms Wives Only brothel provides to discerning gentlemen of Sydney
Sexy women face etchings on windows of Wives Only brothel overlooking 673 King Street St Peters NSW 2044
Executive managers room: After a hard days work unwind and relax in our executive rooms with our super sexy sex workers
Entry into Ramses room. Only available to executives at a higher rate. Once you are in this room you will never want to leave Wives Only brothel Sydney again.
Interior detail as sexy as the rest of the Wives Only bordello in inner Sydney where old Amore brothel used to operate except that now everything is first class.
A sexy spa inside one of the rooms. Wives Only brothel Sydney provides shower, air conditioning, toilet and shower facilities in each room where long stays and partying are encouraged
All rooms are air conditioned to right temperature. Plus magnificent light, sound, and majestic comfort all in one room. Ideal for long bookings with sexy prostitutes who are there to please you and keep your company.
Elegant bathroom: Hand made sexy mosaic in the brand new bathroom. This is the same site where old Amore brothel used to operate now the whole building is totally refurbished to highest standards.
A view of the main waiting room. your comfort and privacy is always very important to us. This is where you are going to meet a selection of prostitutes who wants to make you feel great.
A quick look into one of artfully decorated sexy bathrooms. You will get into right mood as soon as you arrive at luxurious Wives Only bordello in inner Sydney
A classy upper class brothel waiting room offered to you by premier brothel of inner west Sydney Australia.
Another look into one of the waiting rooms in our top shelf brothel in inner Sydney where top style meets with best pleasure.
Room Majestic: King Size room with ensuite and spa. Our bedsheets are chosen from the finest woven fabric. You will not find a better quality in any brothel in Sydney