Please do me a favour and tell Eve that she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life.... I saw her at around 1am on 24th December....Had a nice chat... Sorry this is highly irregular but thank you for your time


Bree's service is really great, she is a very sexy and warm-hearted blonde girl. I used to go to Amore, now I know it's closed, and the newly opened store is called Wives Only. They have completely renovated the storefront, this is the world-class top brothel!


Very beautiful premises brand new decoration, great service, fair price, very luxurious venue, I will come back again. .


I really enjoy spending the time at Wives Only, which is the most comfortable experience I have ever had.



Content: Eden is really great, just want to say that I really enjoy the time with Eden. I will give her a full score: looks, body, service, all of which make me feel relaxed and comfortable, she is very good. The room was so classy. thank you very much – John


I am not sure where to post this comment. I have discovered Wives Only by coincidence. I am a Melbourne sales representative who goes to Sydney once a month. Reception lady was the most enthusiastic voice that any business can ask for. The greeting at the door came from a mature well dressed female receptionist. This is a greeting that all businesses need. This place is a first class, The artwork on the walls looks exquisite and elegant. I was introduced to three ladies, two blondes and one brunette. It was really hard to choose. I decided to choose Jasmine with brown hair. I must say that she did not let me down. This place is really high-end, and for those men and women who often need to travel, it is close to the city center and the airport. The price is also very reasonable. The summary is that phone greetings, door greetings, places and services are first class. Plan your next trip next week.



This place is the same address as the previous Amore. It has been completely refurbished - polished flooboards, wall decorations, lighting, artwork - and is completely different from the dusty and dilapidated old Amore. In this session, Ruby was very charming and very sexy. Gentle kiss, cute CBJ and gentle sex. She described her service as “a very real passionate service” and this service is very useful. I hope this place will succeed. Both the owner and the staff have gone to a lot of trouble making this place a superb venue. Compared with other high-end venues, the price is very reasonable. (cheaper)! You need to watch this place do not miss out.


7 years of punters experience, Wives Only brothel is definitely the most memorable. This place is very professional, cost-effective, and very clean and tidy. I feel like I have entered a 5 star hotel. The foot massage before the start is an essential free part that allows you to relax. Next time I go to Sydney, I must go straight to Wives Only for the first time. The free beer made me feel reinvigorated. I was keen to see what their girls look like: SUPER! Punter's Paradise = Wives Only is the top.


I went to Wives Only last Friday and saw Olivia, who was tall and sexy. She was sitting next to me when she introduced herself. Her smile was very warm and the room was great. Thank you Olivia, I hope that you and I will remember this warm affair. I will see you again next Friday. By the way, this place was called Amore. Now it is closed and reopened under the name of Wives Only. The new manager has refurbished this place to top standard, it’s really cool!


Just want to post a comment for use on the website. I am willing to post anonymously. Thank you. I went to their store shortly after they opened the new one, and soon became a frequent visitor. From their amazing reception to the room, you will feel right at home. The girls are great and they will do everything they can to make sure you are satisfied. Micha gave me the best full service, and Charlie did everything she could to make sure I was happy. You can enjoy yourself from the moment you enter the room to the minute you leave. Definitely the best brothel experience of my life!



I have been wives only a few times recently and I can safely say that this is a great place, a great experience - all girls are beautiful, friendly and love their work. Great service and fair price.